Counselling For Young People (15yrs+)

Counselling For Young People (15yrs+)

Counselling for young people (15yrs+) - Preston, Lancashire

I provide emotional and therapeutic services for young people, from 15 years of age, building resilience and healing through talking and creative work. Young people can often find themselves needing support to cope with wide ranging and often complex social issues such as family breakdown, health problems, abuse, loneliness, bullying, friendships, bereavement & trauma. Talking therapies tend to be the approach taken when working with young people. That is not to say that young people participating in talking therapy do not take part in creative techniques, more often than not play and creativity comes into the process. Talking therapy provides space and time to talk, cry, shout or just think. It provides the opportunity to look at problems in a different way.

It may be necessary for caregiver(s) to attend some 1:1 sessions prior to the young person starting therapy. This will be discussed and agreed prior to the young persons therapy starting.

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Improved mental health; Better self awareness; Better coping skills; Improved relationships; Support during difficult transitions; Resolution of past traumas; Improved decision-making skills. Overall, counseling can provide young people with the tools and support they need to navigate the challenges of growing up and to build a healthy, fulfilling life.

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