Counselling & Psychotherapy For Adults

Counselling & Psychotherapy For Adults

Counselling and psychotherapy - face to face in Preston, Lancashire or online

You might feel there is nothing specific, you may feel low, down, lost, stuck, lots of pressures such as managing workloads, finances, life at home or ill health. Or you may be facing very specific issues with relationships, gender, sexuality, bereavement, anxiety and stress, self-image, lack of confidence and self-esteem, domestic violence, abuse, feelings of loneliness, isolation or generalised feelings of unhappiness. These pressures can build and you can end up feeling like there is no hope or no way forward. I hold the fundamental assumption that as human beings we are all ok and that we all have the ability to make changes in our lives.

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Improved mental health; Improved relationships; Increased self-awareness; Better problem solving skills; Improved coping skills; Increased self-esteem. Therapy can be a valuable tool for helping people improve their mental and emotional well-being and lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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