Life And Career Coaching

Life And Career Coaching

Life and career coaching - face to face in Preston, Lancashire or online

A process of self-development.

Life and career coaching uses a variety of tools and techniques from many disciplines such as psychology, sociology, career development and neuroscience. Life coaching aims to help you identify and achieve personal goals in any aspect of your life, through positive action, this could include career management, leadership, building confidence, assertiveness, stress management, motivation, work life balance, personal development and relationships. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, my training as a management mentor and coach and counselling and psychotherapy skills I am able to adapt to your needs, providing you with a truly personalised approach to support you reaching your full potential.

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Clarity and focus: Coaching can help individuals gain clarity and focus on their goals and aspirations, leading to a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Improved self-awareness: Coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to gain greater self-awareness and understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and personal values. Increased confidence and self-esteem: Through coaching, individuals can learn to overcome limiting beliefs, build confidence, and increase self-esteem, which can improve their performance in all areas of life. Better decision-making: Coaching can help individuals make better decisions by providing them with a structured process to evaluate their options and weigh the potential consequences. Better relationships: By improving communication skills and understanding of one's own behaviour and motivations, coaching can lead to better relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Career advancement: Career coaching can help individuals navigate the job market, identify their skills and strengths, and pursue new opportunities for career growth and advancement. Stress management: Coaching can provide individuals with effective strategies for managing stress, increasing resilience, and leading a more balanced and fulfilling life. Overall, life and career coaching can be a valuable tool for individuals looking to improve their personal and professional lives, achieve their goals, and lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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