Yin Yoga Saturdays

Yin Yoga Saturdays

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, our Restorative Yin Yoga events welcome individuals of all levels and backgrounds. Come as you are, and allow yourself to surrender to the healing powers of presence and community.

We believe in the power of holistic healing and collaboration, which is why each event is a collaborative effort with esteemed wellbeing practitioners. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic frequencies of sound healing, as you experience the soothing vibrations of crystal singing bowls and other melodic instruments. Explore the subtle energies of crystal spiritual healing, harnessing the natural properties of gemstones to restore balance and harmony within.

Our bi-monthly gatherings also delve into the art of manifestation and other creative practices, empowering you to manifest your intentions and cultivate a life of abundance and fulfillment. Guided by experienced facilitators, you'll learn techniques to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your deepest desires, paving the way for transformation and growth. All our Yin Saturdays end with space for connection, time for refreshements and chatting.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery, where every session offers a new opportunity to nurture your well-being and awaken your true potential. Check our schedule for upcoming events and reserve your spot today. Together, let's cultivate a space of healing, connection, and transformation.

10th February - Manifestation, Vision Board and Restorative Yin

Once booked these events are non refundable

These events will take place Bi-Monthly on a Saturday afternoon between 2-5pm

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Located in the heart of the community, you can join any of the yoga classes in person at St Christophers Church Hall, Blackpool Road, Lea. There is plenty of parking at the church or at the Pig and Whistle car park next door, there is also a bus stop just outside if that’s how you roll.

St Christophers Church Hall is a lovely room, perfect for yoga, it is warm, clean and relaxing, its important you feel safe and welcome when you come along. I cant wait to welcome you there.

All yoga equipment is provided including mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets and eye pillows, however to make sure you are super comfy please wear layers so you can cool down or warm up and bring some warm fluffy socks and maybe a pillow - you know, just in case :)